Hot Tub Benefits - Recover from Orthopaedic Surgery


As mentioned in a previous blog, BISHTA recommends a hot tub for people facing post-orthopedic recovery. This article will explore the reasons why.

According to the National Joint Registry, which was set up by the Government.

“Almost 160,000 procedures were carried out on knees, hips and ankles in the UK in 2011”
– These figures include both NHS and independent practices.

Such procedures are becoming more common, and are proving highly successful in alleviating pain and improving mobility in sufferers of a number of conditions and injuries. For more details, see NJR web statistics.

Following surgery for a knee or hip replacement, recovery can take a number of forms, and should always be overseen and approved by your doctor and/or physiotherapist. Spending just a short time in hot tubs improve blood flow and circulation, which are key elements in post-operative recovery.

How can I soothe my recovery from surgery?

Again, provided your doctor and/or physiotherapist gives you permission, you might carry out a few simple exercises, stretches, and a range of aquatic therapy. These will build muscle strength, improve your range of motion, and ease pressure on weight-bearing joints, such as knees and hips.

When taken together, this significant package of benefits will aid post-operative recovery, without inducing the stress usually associated with out-of-water exercise.

Orthopaedic surgery is often challenging, both physically and emotionally.

What better way to help your healing process than through immersing yourself in the natural environment of warm, soothing water, combined with a superb hydromassage, excercise and stretching – all of which will make your recovery easier, faster, and more pleasurable than you might have thought possible.

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