FAQ's - Salt Water Systems for Hot Tubs


Although Salt Water Chlorination systems have been used for decades in the Pool industry no-one had been able to devise a system that would work in a Hot Tub.

The main reason for this was that the high level of salt required to produce an adequate amount of sanitiser attacked the, traditionally steel, heaters and fitting in the Hot Tubs, the same as salt attacks the underside of you car.

The patented ACE system that has been developed by Watkins Manufacturing, the makers of Hotspring and Limelight Hot Tubs, using the revolutionary Diamond Electrode system, requires a far lower level of salt (1500-1700 parts per million). This, in conjunction with the Titanium heaters and Stainless Steel fittings in our Hot Tubs, overcomes the corrosion problems previously associated with such systems in lesser equipped spas.

The even better news about the ACE Salt Water Chlorination system is that in can be retrofitted to almost all Hotspring Spas built since 2004. Details available at your local showroom or at Head Office

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