Real stories from real people about the impact a Hotspring Hot Tub or Endless Pool has had on their lives.

“To have a hot tub you could go in any time of day or night was a dream”

“My doctor was very happy to see my blood pressure reduce significantly”

“Using my HotSpring tub makes my every day life better”

“I was able to relax more and work on the muscles that used to cause me pain”

“We are looking forward to enjoying some great fun together as a family”

Customer Testimonials

Dear Claire,

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the hot tub that we brought from you last year.

We came into the garden centre to buy plants on Mother’s Day 2016 and ended up buying a hot tub! I had always wanted one and wandered into your showroom area. I found you very helpful, but not pushy, you gave us the information that we needed and gave us the space to discuss and there was no pressure from you to get a sale, encouraging in this day and age!

We ordered our hot tub and took delivery in April, your delivery team were professional in what were difficult delivery conditions, due to our access problems into our garden, but two and a half hours later they were in and the hot tub was installed.

hot tub customer reviews image peterborough showroom

Since it has been installed we have and are using the hot tub daily, even Christmas Day, see photo attached.

Every time we come into your showroom to get our chemicals for the tub you are friendly and always ask how we are enjoying our hot tub experience.

Recently I had a problem connecting my bluetooth device to the audio on the hot tub, five minutes on the phone and you had talked me through the problem and music was installed again!

I would recommend any one wishing to buy a hot tub to come to HotSpring World Peterborough where you will find a friendly and helpful team who will give you the perfect hot tub experience.

Kind regards

Hi Claire,

How me and the kids are enjoying our hot tub, it’s totally AMAZING, by far without a doubt the best thing I have bought for us.

My son has so many sensory needs and a bad back and it’s phenomenal how the tub helps calm him down, I’m training for the London marathon and the tub is speeding up my recovery time so much, and my teenage daughter benefits so much too as she has friends round for social gatherings and has helped her gain confidence. So all in all a great purchase and the team in Peterborough are awesome too, I’m always made to feel welcome when I pop in to get some products or need some advice thanks guys.??


Hello Daniel & Penny,

When you look to buying your first Hot tub, you can be forgiven for thinking and anticipating the times when you will be relaxing with a drink on hot sunny days, – that lovely relaxing feeling as the warm water gently massages your tired aching body, the jets can easily be directed at areas of your body where you ache the most.

It is normal to be anticipating friends and family to join you, perhaps to look at the stars whilst relaxing, soaking and socialising in the tub.  The spa in the snow is fantastic; your body is so warm in the water, so much so that the snowflakes feel like fairy wings gently touching your skin. Indeed these are all really great times. – my wife and I particularly liked dropping in the spa after a hard day at work or after gardening.  Coming home from work, especially on a hot sunny day when we had been in the heat all day,  there was nothing better than taking off our work clothes and dropping in the spa with a pint of beer or a glass of wine.

What has been said so far is the reason that people who have never had a spa justify the expense, but we can assure you that this is just the beginning of your spa experience.

We have had our spa for nearly twenty years, after we bought it, it is true to say that we experienced all the pleasures mentioned earlier.  Looking back we remember things like watching the eclipse sat in the spa drinking wine with our friends, another time being surrounded by deep snow. (The snow didn’t feel cold when we got out as our bodies were so lovely and warm).  When we bought the spa it seemed at the time to be a massive expense, one pure luxury, just for us.  What a mistake that was!  

It wasn’t long before we realised the true value of a spa – children.  Our children and grandchildren are the ones who have had the most pleasure from the spa.  Whenever they come to see us they almost always ask if they can go in the spa.  We can’t count the hours and hours of pleasure they have had playing in the spa, and through their pleasure, the hours and hours of pleasure they have given us, either in the spa with them or just watching them play and swim??

We bought our spa twenty years ago from HotSpring Spas Ltd.  It is still used regularly and is in extremely good condition.  Over the years we have needed very little maintenance and we would like to mention how very satisfied we have always been with the service given.  The biggest, added expense over the years has been to purchase two new lids for the tub – we are getting ready for another new one now, but that is not bad after 20 years.  Our spa was manufactured by Watkins, an American company.  

We would suggest, don’t bother looking at cheaper version spas as the quality of other spas, is in our opinion, not so good. HotSpring Spas are by far the best.

John & Angela.