Connextions: The clever way to enjoy home spa luxury


With the average Brit working an 8.5 hour day* and most daily commutes taking up 10, or even 15 hours a week, relaxation has never been higher on the agenda. But ask any busy worker what prevents them from enjoying regular relaxation pastimes, and they’ll say time; more specifically a lack of it.


That’s the reason HotSpring designed its unique Connextion Remote Spa Monitoring System. The only system in the world that provides peace of mind knowing that your spa is being looked after, even when you are away.

Our R&D team crafted the innovative new service, which enables your Hot Spring dealer to provide an exclusive remote monitoring option. Perfect for spa owners who are on the go or have a spa at a second home.

Should your Hot Spring spa need attention, the Connextion messaging system will instantly alert you and your dealer so that your spa can be serviced at the earliest opportunity. And the Connextion system also provides the added convenience of accessing spa functions remotely – so you can ensure your spa is ready when you want it to be.

Happy customers are reporting an increase in the time they spend in their spa, with many now enjoying after-work relaxation as soon as they arrive home.


“A 20-minute soak in a hot tub, really helps to relax our hectic daily routine.” GrandeeOwner


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Here’s 3 ways HotSpring Connextion can add instant relaxation to your hectic lifestyle…


1. Relax & de-stress

Heat, buoyancy and massage controls are all included within the Connextion remote system. Meaning you can pre-set the ultimate hydromassage spa experience to be ready when you arrive.


2. Stay in control

With the ability to lock and unlock spa controls remotely, as well as alert messages from the system, you’ll feel confident and in control of your hot tub no matter where you are in the world.


3. Feel good

Relaxing in a crystal clean spa stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural ‘feel good’ chemical, giving you a sense of well-being and rejuvenation. The remote Connextions system provides filter cleanliness status and also provides an ACE® Salt Water System 30-day reminder alert.


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Why do we need to re-charge?

Great home holidays demand plenty of prep; that way you can kick back responsibility free with everyone else. Put cooking, housework & laundry on hold. Pre-plan some meals, or better yet have a stock of take away menus on stand-by. Spend less time preparing your spa and more time enjoying it with our innovative ACE system. Then, lean back, relax and fully experience your spa’s soothing sensory performance with an incredibly comfortable spa pillow.

It’s well documented that regular use of a hot tub can help you feel centred & serene.  With luxury spas the world over using warm water therapy to calm and restore clients.  Creating a home luxury spa enables you to harness the powers of hot tub hydro massage daily, helping you to reach beneficial levels of relaxation and mindfulness, and re-charge ready for another day.


“I enjoy using my hot tub nearly every night. My doctor was very happy to see my blood pressure reduce significantly.”


Read more about how a HotSpring hot tub can help stop tension taking over, plus improve relationships & aid restful sleep, in our recent blog ‘Improved Heath & Wellness? Here’s 5 ways a hot tub can help…’


To discover more about our unique Connextion remote monitoring system, and how it could make your life easier get in touch today.



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*According to Eurostat, the UK has the fifth longest working week (42.9 hours) – read more here.






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