Which hot tub tech should I invest in this Christmas?


Sarah wants a hot tub to suit her family, with innovative technology that creates a luxury all-year-round garden retreat.

“As we’ve got three teenage kids, this Christmas we decided to swap lots of little gifts for one luxury item, and have decided to invest in a hot tub. I’m looking to impress the family with my knowledge of hot tub tech. We’ll be using our home spa to relax in, and entertain family and friends.  I’m keen to make sure running costs are kept as low as possible.” Sarah.


You’re right, a hot tub is the ultimate luxury Christmas gift for your family. And, the great thing is that by incorporating plenty of clever technology you can personalise and enhance the experience for each member of the family. Turning your garden into the perfect place to relax, recuperate and spend time, together.


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Here’s our guide to the hot tub tech that’s worth investing in:


1. Bluetooth

Music plays a huge part in creating home spa atmosphere (especially when teenagers are involved).  That’s why our R&D team have developed the Hot Sound System.It’s Bluetooth® wire technology means you can connect to your own Bluetooth enabled device, and stream music while you soak. Plus, look out for our cutting edge In-Home Wireless Dock.It enables you to leave your smart phone or tablet inside, and to connect virtually to any audio source you choose: iPod®, iPhone®, MP3 player, satellite/AM/FM radio,CD/DVD player. You can even change tracks, adjust volume and play or pause through the spa’s main control panel using your Apple® device.


2. LED Lighting

All lightbulbs are NOT created equal, and when it comes to keeping your running costs low this is something to seriously consider. The Clarion® Lighting System developed by our R& D team is a purpose built hot tub lighting system, with high-specification lighting targeted to illuminate not only your spa cabinet and spa steps, but also spa entrance for additional safety after dark.  The low energy LED lights chosen by our designers are six or seven times more energy efficient than conventional incandescent lights. And, can cut energy use by more than 80 percent, as well as having a useful life of 25,000 hours or more.


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3. Insulation

This might sound dull, but when it comes to comfort and to your desire to keep running costs low there is nothing more important. The R&D team here at Hot Spring are fanatical about high density insulation. Because they know that hot tub owners want to keep heat in the water, not escaping into the air around it. Our Highlife Collection models are designed with multiple layers of polyurethane foam (the same type that’s used to insulate commercial freezers). And Limelight Collection home spas are packed with innovative FibreCor insulation (roughly 4 times more insulation than the foam used on most spas) Plus, all Hotspring spa covers have a custom-fit tight seal and a dense foam core with a high R-value for insulation.  Add a cover lifter to prevent unnecessary damage and keep thermal insulation intact.


4. Circulation Pump

Often, home spa owners use the hot tub’s jet pumps for circulation, but this uses far more power than a continuous pump.  And, its far noisier too. That’s why our R&D team invested many months into the creation of an ingenious low watt pump with intelligent power management options. Our industry leading Hotspring SilentFlo 5000 now uses less energy than a 40-watt light bulb. The impressive WaveMaster jet pumps only activate when you need them, the SmartJet system lets you select specific jets for less horsepower and energy consumption.  And, the patented pump shroud even transfers heat from the equipment compartment back into the water.



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5. Water System

Salt water sanitation has long been recognised as the most appealing option for hot tub owners seeking to reduce the harsh side effects of traditional chlorine based water care, and who wish to use a more environmentally friendly cleansing solution. So, our R&D team developed a hassle-free system which automatically generates the precise amount of oxidisers and natural chlorine needed, based on spa size and use level. Called the ACE Salt Water System, it uses innovative diamond technology. This enables it to generate powerful natural cleaners using significantly lower levels of salt (around the level of drinking water). The result is home spa water with a level of salt so low that it is undetectable by taste or smell.


6. Hands-free Control

It’s a sad, but true fact that us Brits are busier than ever.  With many people working an 8.5 hour day and most daily commutes taking 10, or even 15 hours a week.  That’s the reason HotSpring designed its unique Connextion Remote Spa Monitoring System.  Our R&D team crafted the cutting edge service, to help owners who need help looking after their hot tub, even when they are away.Thanks to this clever tech, should your HotSpring spa need attention, the Connextion messaging system can instantly alert you and your dealer.  And, Connextion even enables you to access your spa functions via a handy App; so, you can ensure your spa is ready when you want it to be.



Talk to us about our wide range of hot tubs, hot tub technology and accessories, and enjoy the ultimate home spa experience, all-year-round.


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