Chest Exercises for the Pool


If you’re looking for some of the best chest exercises you can do at home and you own an Endless Pool then you’re in luck. Aquatic exercises are a fantastic way to tone and strengthen the chest and upper body and provide a low impact way to keep fit.

The chest muscles play an extremely important role in supporting the back and upper torso and are responsible for keeping you upright, preventing your shoulders from slouching and helping you maintain a good posture.

Swimming, and breaststroke in particular, are excellent ways to tone and strengthen the chest muscles while also working the shoulders. But there are also many more chest exercises at home you can do in your swim spa.

Here are some of the best…


Chest press and reverse flys

Have your hand paddles at the ready for these two chest and back exercises. The chest press works the pectoral muscles as well as the arms, shoulders, core and back to provide a complete upper body workout. There are no weights involved in this exercise other than the resistance provided by the flow of the water. That will help you develop a lithe, sinewy physique that’s strong without being too big, a benefit in sports such as swimming, golf, tennis and even the martial arts.

By strengthening the upper back, shoulders and upper arms, as well as the chest, reverse flys help to promote a broad-shouldered, upright stance as well as a strong, confident walk.



Pistons is another extremely simple chest exercise you can do at home. Using hand paddles to push the water away strengthens the chest, shoulders and upper arms. Upping the speed of the water flow and standing closer to the current will increase the resistance as you improve your strength and become more accustomed to this workout.


Additional chest exercises for the pool

There are also plenty more chest exercises you can easily perform in your Endless Pool. These include:

  • Fast in and out wide arm pushes: Stand in chest deep water with your arms stretched out to the side and slightly below parallel with your palms facing forward. Using your outer chest and back muscles, push the hand paddles forwards and backwards in small motions that move just enough to feel the resistance.
  • Backward arm circles: Bend one leg in front of the other so that your shoulders are in the water and keep your other leg straight behind you. Hold your hand paddles in front of your torso with both arms together. Then pull your closed arms together all the way to your torso and spread your arms out as you push the hand paddles forward in a circular motion. Then close your arms straight again. This exercise will target your chest muscles and upper back.

Those are some of the best chest exercises you can do at home. Now take a look at our other training guides for workouts that focus on different parts of the body and watch our full video playlist.

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