Best Pool Exercises for Stomach Muscles


Keeping the stomach toned and tight is one of the biggest fitness challenges many of us face, particularly as metabolisms start to slow with age. Strong muscles in the stomach are also critical to back health, helping to keep you balanced and prevent slumping which can compress internal organs.

Swimming is an excellent activity not just in terms of the cardiovascular benefits but also for toning those areas that are hard to reach. Even though the stomach isn’t moving, the core strength it requires can help to replace stubborn fat with muscle.

But swimming is not the only exercise to do in the pool to lose belly fat. Working against the water and the current created by an Endless Pool provides firm resistance without impact. So what are some of the best pool exercises for the stomach?

Here’s our guide…


Core sweeps

This simple to perform but extremely effective core workout in the pool helps to strengthen the abdomen and lower back as well as the chest and arms. Longer sweeping movements increase the difficulty of the exercise and provide more resistance. Moving towards the flow of the water and increasing your tempo offers room for progression as you improve your core strength.


Bicycle kicks

A study of 13 of the most common abdominal exercises by San Diego State University found that the bicycle kick was the most effective at strengthening the rectus abdominus, which includes the long flat muscles that extend along the front and sides of the abdomen. You only need your body weight to perform bicycle kicks, making it one of the easiest pool exercises for the stomach you’ll find. Again, increasing the flow of the current is the simple way to up the difficulty as you progress.


Additional core workouts in the pool

There are also plenty more pool exercises for the core you can do in your swim spa. That includes:

  • Pikes: From a standing position in the pool, pull your knees up to your chest. Then lean back and straighten both legs forward into a pike position so that your body is in a V position with your bottom pointing towards the floor of the pool. Hold this position for 5 seconds while using your arms to keep you afloat and repeat.
  • Tic-toc: Stand in the pool with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then lean to one side until your arm is submerged to the elbow. Move slowly back to an upright position while squeezing your abs as tightly as you can. Repeat the exercise on the other side.


These pool exercises for the stomach are a great way to reach those stubborn places and strengthen your core. Take a look at our other training guides and watch our full video playlist for a full body workout.

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