Avoid These 3 Hot Tub Mistakes


We live in an age of increasing speed and a desire, at times, for instant gratification. When it comes to the hot tub market, this can sometimes lead people to buy in haste and then repent at leisure.

We always recommend that people don’t feel rushed or pressured into buying. We always prefer our customers to know exactly why we consider HotSpring a premium decision, and this can sometimes take time to absorb the information and work out how to identify a good hot tub from a bad one.

So, rule number 1: Never rush into a purchase

Given the predominance of the Internet in so many buying decisions, from books to cars, some people believe they will do well buying a hot tub online. Whilst this can sometimes lead to a bargain, it more often leads to a nightmare. We have had people request we remove a hot tub they bought online because the quality simply wasn’t provided, let alone the back-up and after-sales care that hot tub owners have come to expect.

Rule number two: never buy a hot tub online

Lastly, there are some unsophisticated sales people still involved with the hot tub industry who attempt to persuade customers into a purchase by bad-mouthing competitors. Here at HotSpring World we feel no need to take this approach, instead focusing on the strengths of our products and then letting you, the customer, decide what’s best for you. If you do come across a salesperson who adopts this primitive tactic, remember you always have the right – to walk away.

Rule 3: never buy from a sales person who badmouths competitors

Armed with these 3 rules, you’ll avoid common mistakes and go on to enjoy a truly relaxing hot tub experience.


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