The affordable way to create a luxury spa at home


A weekend break in a luxury hotel, and time spent in a decadent spa are guaranteed to leave you feeling rested and re-charged… but your bank balance may not feel quite so rosy.

So, why not turn a quiet corner of your garden into a secluded spa instead?  With our HotSpring 0% finance options it’s never been easier to enjoy affordable spa luxury at home.


1. Relax and re-charge

Heat, buoyancy and massage work together to create the ultimate hydrotherapy spa experience.

2. Indulge

Our HotSpring Spa Butler and Spa Ice Bucket, Spa Hamper and Spa Bar Cooler products make hosting friends, and personal pampering hotel quality, and hassle free.

3. Feel good

Relaxing in a spa stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural ‘feel good’ chemical, giving you a sense of well-being and rejuvenation.




0% FINANCE ON ALL 2016 HOT TUBS – Discover our NXT, Highlife & Limelight models now


Why is spa time so important?

Life has never been more hectic.  With the average Briton spending 42 hours a week at work*, and millions caught up in a weekly commute of more than 10, or even 15 hours*, the UK is suffering from what physicians call a ‘stress epidemic’.

It’s well documented that regular use of a hot tub can help you feel centred & serene. With luxury spas the world over using warm water therapy to calm and restore clients. Creating a home luxury spa enables you to harness the powers of hot tub hydrotherapy daily, helping you to reach beneficial levels of relaxation and mindfulness without the 5-star hotel price tag.

Talk to us about our 0% Account or Deferred & Preferred Account options, and create your home spa. Then dim the lights, turn off your mobile-phone and enjoy your personal paradise.

Interest Free Account* – 24 months interest free, with the added bonus of Consumer Credit Act protection. Meaning both your deposit and guarantee are safeguarded.

Deferred & Preferred Account* – Choose from 6 month deferred payment options. Make full payment within the agreed 6 month timeframe at 0% interest, or extend the length of the payment term and make Direct Debit repayments over 60 months at a rate of 4.9% APR or 120 months at 5.9% APR. Our Deferred & Preferred Account is also covered by Consumer Credit Act protection. Meaning both your deposit and guarantee are safeguarded.

Read more about how a HotSpring hot tub can help stop tension taking over, plus improve relationships & aid restful sleep, in our recent blog ‘Improved Heath & Wellness? Here’s 5 ways a hot tub can help…’


* Data taken from Office for National Statistics – ‘Hours worked in the labour market’ –
*Data taken from TUC Work-Life Balance Study –
*HotSpring Interest Free Account and Deferred & Preferred Account is provided by Barclays Partner Finance.


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