A Hot Tub for Lifetime Ownership


Neil is the proud owner of a HotSpring Home Spa, made in 1987. Every inch a gentleman and engineer (probably a contradiction in terms, he tells us!). Neil still possesses his original hot tub paperwork, which he maintains in pristine condition inside a neat folder.

Neil was living and working in California when he first bought the tub, and when he returned to the UK he used his engineering know-how to transform the voltage to the required UK standard.

In the 25 years since he bought the tub, Neil’s ownership experience has proved to be every bit as good as he hoped:

“The tub met all my expectations just fine. It’s not too big and not too small. It’s been easy to look after, and nothing went wrong – because it was engineer-designed simplicity.”

I wondered if Neil had ever considered buying another spa.

“Well, actually, no!” Neil said. “It’s had a few heart transplants over the years, unsurprisingly. But it’s such a well-engineered product that I’ve never thought of buying a new one. However, I am considering buying one for my daughter.”

When I went to visit Neil, I was struck by how good his Home Spa looked. Although the wood cabinet was a little tired, the inside of the tub remained pristine, and the engine compartment neat and simple. As soon as Neil turned the jet dial, the spa started up beautifully. Distinctive 1980s signature HotSpring tiles – all in perfect condition – ran round the inside section of the shell.

“What would you say has been the best thing about your tub experience?” I asked Neil.

“It’s extremely sociable: after we’ve been skiing or playing tennis, the tub has been a great way of easing away any aches and pains. We went on a skiing trip once to Denver and the ski lodge had a big hot tub outside. It was fantastic to sit there and watch the snowflakes coming down, stopping just above the water and then melting away”.

“The tub also promotes conversation, and it’s great not only for my kids but also for my grandchildren, who have a great time with it.”

Neil’s tub was now giving pleasure and wellbeing to three generations of his family. Indeed, Neil assured me that his 16-year-old granddaughter would buy a hot tub before she bought a car!

Jon Watkins, co-founder of Watkins, who have manufactured HotSpring spas since 1977, once observed that: “Watkins builds quality and not obsolescence into its products.” Neil and his family are living proof of Jon’s statement.

Neil also had in his possession other original documentation including fascinating material on Jon Watkins and the foundation of the company. More details will follow in future blogs. In the meantime, we are delighted that Neil and thousands like him are experiencing the joys of HotSpring lifetime ownership.

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