10 Further Reasons to Own a Hot Tub


1. Bird watching

Keep a handy bird reference book beside your tub and see how many different bird species you and your family can identify – you’ll be amazed how many different feathery friends you’ll find spending time in your garden

2. Become a True Valentine

Wrap your tub with a massive red ribbon, strew rose petals over the cover, have a bottle of bubbly to hand, and make this year’s valentine an event to remember!

3. Party Central

Add a BBQ, chairs and table, a gazebo for added comfort, and along with a sound system (perhaps integrated into your tub) your garden can become a party zone that your friends and family will enjoy all year round

4. Cleaner and Safer

When you own your own tub, you take control of the water quality. You’ll no longer have to face health risks that are sometimes associated with public bathing. You can relax knowing you and your loved ones are immersed in pure, clean water

5. Less Mowing

Place your tub in a strategic spot, surround it with a gazebo and selected planters, and you could cut down on having to mow the lawn!

6. Solve Family Disputes

If an argument occurs, then instead of allowing things to heat up too much, take a break in the soothing and relaxed environment of a hot tub, let things clam down, and you might find the only heat remaining between you is your bubbling tub water!

7. Celebrate in the Water

Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a public holiday, or indeed any other anniversary, make it a truly stand out occasion by raising a glass, or enjoying some celebration food in your hot tub

8. Add Aromas

The benefits of a wide variety of aromas have been formulated into aromatherapy, where scents can heal, soothe or excite. Simply add some eucalyptus, tropical or other aromatherapy to bring a new dimension to your soaking experience

9. Post Workout Relief

Spending just a few minutes in your hot tub after a session at the gym, or having exercised impromptu in your garden, will soothe any aching muscles and aid in recovery

10. Portable Bliss

No need to worry when you move home, because when it’s time to get the moving vans in, the hot tub can move with you! And as soon as you’ve arrived in your new property, fill the tub and soak away any of the stresses associated with moving. There’s no better way to begin a new phase of life in your new home

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