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Swim Spas and Exercise pools by Riptide

Introducing Riptide Swim Spa and Exercise Pools, a fantastic alternative to traditional swimming pools.

With a comprehensive range of swim spas, Riptide has a model to suit you and your lifestyle. From the Hydros, with its compact hot tub and counter-current combination, right through to the heavyweight Poseidon which features a high specification hot tub married to a powerful exercise pool for vigorous exercise.

“Swimming is one of the most fun and fulfilling ways to get the whole family fitter and more active.”


The theraputic benefits of regular exercise are well documented, and swimming is one of the most fun and fulfilling ways to get the whole family fitter and more active...

swim spas and exercise pools by riptide
riptide swim spas and exercise pools for fitness, relation and family fun


Riptide Swim Spas can form an important part of the day to day fitness regime of anyone who wants to stay in good shape. Unlike other forms of exercise, swimming against the force of the swim spa’s powerful counter-current will quickly tone up your body in a low impact environment.



Being more compact than standard swimming pools, our swim spas can be installed where space is at a premium, either in-ground or above ground. Thermostatically controlled up to 40°C, Riptide swim spas allow you to lay back after your swim and relax in the warm, water with family and friends.



Requiring very little cleaning, Riptide Swim Spas incorporate cutting-edge filtration and sanitising systems, ensuring a clean and safe pool experience for you and your family every time you take a dip. With an insulated lid and insulation all round the shell of our swim spas, running costs are kept low.

Atlantis Std Exercise Pool
The Riptide Atlantis Std Exercise Pool is a compact yet fully featured dedicated swimming machine. 
Hydros Swim Spa
The Riptide Hydros Swim Spa is a compact pool and spa combined in one affordable unit. This is definitely not an entry level pool - it is a fully functioning, incredibly...
Nautilus Pro Exercise Pool
The Riptide Nautilus Pro Exercise Pool is in our opinion, the ultimate swimming machine. The Atlantis and Nautilus Pro have been designed as the ultimate swimming...
Nautilus Std Exercise Pool
The Riptide Nautilus STD Exercise Pool is our largest and most powerful exercise pool, and is in our opinion the ultimate home swimming pool for fitness.
Neptune Swim Spa
The Riptide Neptune Swim Spa has more space than the Hydros, and is ideal for growing families and adults. A powerful home pool with plenty of space...
Poseidon Swim Spa
The Riptide Poseidon Swim Spa is a swimming spa and full specification hot tub combined. The ultimate swim and spa package, thePoseidon gives...
Titan Swim Spa
The Riptide Titan Swim Spa is big enough to sort the men from the boys. The Titan has a simply enormous amount of swimming space, coupled with a great spa end...
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