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Music and Entertainment

Whilst you relax in your hot tub you can still listen to your favourite soundtracks, watch your favourite film or keep up with sporting events. Enhance your hot tub experience with our latest Hot Spring Entertainment Systems.

Integrated MP3/ IPOD Sound System

Integrated onto the hot tub cabinet, this system features an iPod dock and an auxiliary input for other MP3 players.

Also included is a mini waterproof remote that allows you to control iPod track and volume from inside or around your hot tub.

MP3 Player not included.

Integrated MP3/ IPOD Sound System
Integrated Spa Technology

Wireless Sound System

Listen to virtually anything using the wireless sound system with the wireless iCastTM transmitter placed securely inside your home. 

It’s easy to enjoy virtually any audio source you choose: iPod, MP3, satellite, radio, CD/DVD player audio files on your computer and more.

Control the iPod track and volume from your hot tub control panel or use the optional (IQ 2020) remote control.

MP3 Player not included.

Wireless Sound System
Flexible wireless possibilities

Wireless TV & Sound System

You can watch and listen to virtually anything with our wireless TV & sound entertainment system. 

Transmit your favourite programs from your home TV, satellite, cable or DVD to the 17” wide screen LCD TV.

The TV is attached to your hot tub cabinet and is waterproof and temperature resistant.

Comes with a TV Weather Cover for when not in use.

Wireless TV & Sound System
Listen, watch and enjoy
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