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Here are 10 further reasons to own a hot tub:

1. Bird watchingKeep a handy bird reference book beside your tub and see how many different bird species you and your family can identify – you’ll be amazed how many different feathery friends you’ll find spending time in your garden 2. Become a True ValentineWrap your tub with...
2nd January 2014 // Howard Whiteson
10 Further Reasons to Own a Hot Tub

There is no doubt that good maintenance really helps when it comes to break downs or repair needs. And it really doesn't matter what we are talking about.

We know that regular car maintenance and servicing can keep your car running smoothly and keep unexpected repair costs to a minimum; this is the same for house maintenance from the outside paint work to cleaning your oven or dishwasher regularly. The most important thing to take care of is yourself....
17th October 2013 // Harry Price
Living It Up In A Hot Tub

Here are 10 more great or unusual reasons to own a hot tub:

1. Ready when you areBecause all sophisticated hot tubs allow you to simply set the temperature you want and then forget it till you need it, your tub is always ready for you, day or night, all year round. You’ll never have to wait for warm water again!2. Avoid hassles getting to the gymMany gyms...
6th October 2013 // Howard Whiteson
Yet 10 More Reasons to Own a Hot Tub
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