Ace Salt Water Sanitising System


One of the challenges related to salt water systems for hot tubs in the past is the need to have high levels of salt in the water.

The ACE salt water sanitising system uses innovative diamond technology, which allows it to generate powerful natural cleaners using significantly lower levels of salt (around the level of drinking water). The target salt level of the water when using the ACE system is 1000ppm, which is essentially undetectable by taste or smell.

The diamond technology which makes the ACE system different from traditional salt systems and effective in a hot tub, is used all over the world in breweries, food production, on cruise ships, even to purify water from the Austrian Alps – and now, it’s used in a HotSpring spa. So, it’s new to the spa industry, but not exactly new to world technology. HotSpring spas is the world’s number one selling brand of portable spas and consumers can have confidence that they are purchasing a product from a manufacturer that is committed to quality and provides one of the best warranties available.


The ACE salt water sanitising system automatically generates the precise amount of oxidisers and natural chlorine needed, based on spa size and use level.

There are fewer chemical bottles from which to measure and pour, which means less work for the spa owner.

The ACE system communicates with the built in state of the art control panels on all HotSpring models making it easy for the spa owner to input his/her spa size and use level to provide peace of mind system feedback.

Because of the water chemistry precision that ACE users experience, the life of the spa water is extended so customers may enjoy longer time between water changes.

“The life of your spa water is extended”


Unique diamond technology exists within the ACE cell in the form of a diamond-coated electrode. This special cell design allows the ACE system to generate natural chlorine and a variety of powerful oxidisers in the water.

The ACE salt water sanitising system generates a natural oxidiser called Active oxygen, which instantly goes to work to clean impurities in the spa water.

Active Oxygen also combines with other elements in the water, including salt and pH down, to create various oxidisers – such as ozone, hydrogen peroxide and MPS non chlorine shock – along with natural chlorine.

That means there are potentially five powerful, natural cleaners generated in the spa water to help keep it fresh and crystal clear!

“Leaves your spa water feeling great, looking great and smelling great!”

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